10 Worst Writing Decisions In Dragon Ball

10 Worst Writing Decisions In Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of anime ‘s most famous and recognizable, and that status isn't for nothing. Stacked with memorable characters, fights, and moments, Dragon Ball ‘s popularity can be attributed to many elements. However, that doesn't mean that the series is infallible to pitfalls. RELATED: 10 Times Goku Saved The Day Without Fighting Across the Dragon Ball franchise, there have been quite a few writing decisions that have left a sour taste in fans' mouths and aren't the best examples of it as a whole. Dragon Ball succeeds a lot of the time, but often, Dragon Ball ‘s writing has definitely had the audience groaning with its bad writing decisions. Fusions Being Undone For Plot Contrivance One key feature of Dragon Ball has always been the many powerful techniques at the character's disposal; some have become an iconic part of it . One example would be fusion, wherein two fighters fuse together to become one that's even more powerful. Whether through a technique or Potara earrings, fusion is good against the most powerful of enemies, at least when it's active. For seemingly no other reason than plot contrivance, fusion forms in Dragon Ball keep getting undone when the heroes have someone on the ropes. Sometimes, it's the heroes messing around and running out of time or some other out-of-nowhere plot point that forces the fusion to be undone. Either way, it keeps taking the wind out of the fusion sails. Turning Goku Back Into A Kid During GT Dragon Ball GT is pretty infamous among Dragon Ball fans for a few reasons, but one that's mutually hated is the decision to turn Goku back into a kid at the start of it. This wish was made by an aged Emperor Pilaf and pretty much lasts the entirety of GT , a problem that Goku doesn't even seem to care solving. Not only does making Goku a kid again regress him a bit in power, but it makes his immaturity in GT feel even more noticeable. Eventually, with Super Saiyan 4, Goku would have an […]

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