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Immerse yourself in the works of your genre's best authors. Study their techniques, plot structures, character development, and dialogue. Take note of what makes their writing stand out and how they connect with their readers. So keep reading, keep writing, and keep pushing the boundaries of your story & craft!


Who is your ideal reader?

Everyone is different is the correct answer. Every story has a unique audience. 

What kind of story are you writing?

Unlock the secrets to captivating writing! Before you put pen to paper, ask yourself these clarifying questions. Discover the power of genre – it's a promise to your reader, so don't break it. Skilled writers know where their readers want to go and take them there in surprising and delightful ways. Join the ranks of exceptional writers by mastering these essential skills!


As a writer, you lay your soul bare for the world to see. It's a courageous act that opens you up to both praise and criticism. But that's the beauty of art – it's meant to provoke and challenge. Embrace the vulnerability and seek out constructive criticism to hone your craft. The best writers know that feedback is the key to improvement, so don't shy away from it. By getting feedback early and often, you'll be able to refine your work and deliver your best to your audience. And don't forget to read and learn from the critiques of other writers – it's a treasure trove of inspiration waiting to be explored!


Our free writing forums provide an unlimited opportunity for writers to discuss their work with other forum members. Forums are genre specific. Forum topics include: creative writing, poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, plot, narrative, story structure, and more. 


Our members enjoy all the benefits of the site to come together as a community and pursue the art and craft of writing. WC is a common place offering support, feedback and encouragement. 


Our Groups are where you post your work for critique from other members of the WC community. Groups are genre specific so you'll receive critiques from others in your shared genre. Groups offer more specific community interaction than forums including:

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Collaborating with other writers can bring a multitude of benefits to your writing practice. First and foremost, it can provide a fresh perspective on your work, helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses that you might not have noticed on your own. Collaborating with other writers can also spark new ideas and inspiration, as you bounce ideas off of one another and explore new directions for your writing.

Working with others can also help you to develop new skills and techniques, as you learn from their strengths and experiences. Collaborating with writers who have different backgrounds, perspectives, and writing styles can broaden your own horizons and give you a more well-rounded approach to the craft.

Beyond the benefits to your writing itself, collaborating with other writers can also provide emotional support, camaraderie, and a sense of community. Writing can be a solitary pursuit, and having a of fellow writers to share your experiences with can be invaluable in terms of motivation and morale.

Overall, collaborating with other writers can help you to grow as a writer and as a person, and can make the writing process more enjoyable and rewarding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Join Writers Critique to share your writing and get feedback and encouragement 

Any adult writer in any genre is welcome to join. 

During the beta-period there is no fee and no credit card is required to join. 

We request your email to authenticate your membership by sending you an email to prove your identity. We may occasionally reach out to you to request your feedback, but we will never sell or make your email available to anyone else, EVER. 

Join an existing discussion group in your genre or if you don't see a genre that suits you, email us and we'll create a new critique discussion group just for you. Keep in mind that existing groups will likely have more members and so your work will likely be seen by more readers, but this is a great way for your to build value on the site. 

You may post any type of writing on the site that is in keeping with the current site terms and conditions of use. 

In almost all cases, no. We respect the voice of our authors posts so long as your post abides by the terms of service.. In such case we may place a hold on your post and ask you to make corrections to abide by our terms of service. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that their work is polished and ready for publication.

By design, Writers Critique automatically shares your work with other members of the critique group you have joined. We may occasionally make posts available to other groups that we believe might appreciate your work as well – genres frequently overlap. This will help show your work to a wider audience without burdening others and yourself with genres that are not personally relevant. 

You will receive immediate feedback on the status of your post. You can also choose to make your post private if wish to withdraw it temporarily from critique without the need to delete your post entirely. 

Yes. You're welcome to promote yourself and your skills to other members on the site and we encourage you do do so by keeping your profile and skills up to date.

There are no writing guidelines per se, but we do ask that you present your writing in a polished and ready to be read manner. 

Yes. We do ask that you agree to and follow our Code of Conduct in your critique of others. 

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