Accusative Case: 2 Great Ways To Quickly Upgrade Writing

Accusative Case: 2 Great Ways To Quickly Upgrade Writing

When you sit down to brainstorm your next book, you may not ponder the accusative case and how it could influence your . However, the accusative case is a hidden gem for great . Who knew English class could help you up your chances at hitting that bestseller list? In this article, we'll review what accusative case is as well as when you should use it and when you shouldn't. Examples are included especially for visual learners. Table of Contents What is Accusative Case? When to Use Accusative Case When Not to Use Accusative Case Examples of Accusative Case: Used and Cut Out We Were Liars The One Thing One Parting Tip What is Accusative Case? Accusative case is used to indicate direct receivers of an action . If you were to label the following sentence, ask yourself which word is receiving the action: I wrote a novel . I is the subject. Wrote is the verb. A novel is the direct object, or the part of the sentence receiving the action. A tip for finding direct objects is to ask “what?” after the verb. I made scones for a snack She ran five miles He studied history. Can you find the direct objects? Alright, now that our brief review is over, let's discuss when to use the accusative case in your writing. When to Use Accusative Case Whether you write fiction or books, chances are high that you use the accusative case throughout your chapters. In fact, you are bound to include the following in your work-in-progress: Active voice Passive writing Fragments Run-on sentences Accusative case Various points of view Each of the above points is an important part of the English language. As students, we learned how to define each part. Now that we are writers, it's crucial to learn how to apply these foundational principles to our writing. When used with purpose, the various elements of the English language (such as the accusative case, can greatly influence your writing). So when should you use it? Let's say that you want to specify what's […]

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