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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Lyric Sheet Writing lyrics is both an art and a craft, blending creative expression with structured technique. Here’s a detailed

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Lyric Sheets

A lyric sheet is a document that contains the complete written text of a song’s lyrics. It is typically used for various purposes within the

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[Sticky] What are some basic tenants of the CMS?

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The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) is a widely-used style guide for written and published work, particularly in the fields of history and the social sciences. Some of the basic tenants of the CMS include:

• Use of endnotes or footnotes for citations, rather than in-text citations.
• Use of a bibliography at the end of the document to list all sources cited.
• Use of title case for headings and subheadings, rather than sentence case or all caps.
• Use of "ibid." when referring to the same source in consecutive notes, and use of shortened forms for subsequent references to the same source.
• Use of quotation marks for short quotations, and block quotations for longer quotations.
• Use of serial commas, and placing conjunctions before the final item in a list.
• Use of numerals for numbers 10 and above, and spelling out numbers below 10.
• Use of en dashes to indicate ranges of numbers or dates.
• Use of "et al." in citations with multiple authors.

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