Why I’m Excited About ChatGPT

Why I’m Excited About ChatGPT

You have 4/5 articles left. Sign up for a free account or log in. Create Free Account Login SOPA Images /Contributor/LightRocket/Getty Images Since the launch of ChatGPT in November, many faculty members in higher education have been worried how use of the artificial intelligence text generator will harm student learning. Headlines about “ the end of high-school English ,” “ the educational crisis ” and, of course, “ ChatGPT and cheating ” have predominated. But from my perspective as a first-year program director, I'm excited about how this emerging technology will help students from all kinds of educational backgrounds learn and focus on higher-order thinking skills faster. Here are 10 reasons I'm excited about ChatGPT. 1. It's going to help level the playing field. Here's the truth about the “achievement gap” in writing skills: students who have professional parents and who went through K-12 in higher socioeconomic school districts tend to graduate knowing how to structure an and write grammatically correct sentences (for the most part); first-generation students who went through K-12 in underresourced and lower socioeconomic school districts do not graduate with these skills nearly as often. Here's the very important takeaway from this disparity: the disparity is environmental , not biological. In other words: the students who know how to structure an essay and write grammatical sentences are not more intelligent than those who don't. I've taught in the suburbs, the inner city and the rural Midwest, and if I consider the quality of the ideas, logical reasoning and critical thinking that my students submit, it tends to be fairly similar across similar populations (first-year writers, in this case). Unfortunately, the students who've not yet learned to properly structure and punctuate will always receive lower grades, because their work doesn't present as well. If we allow AI to help students generate first drafts—and I'm saying we should —then they'll all be starting from a similar place. 2. Moreover, just getting that first draft will serve as a teaching tool; students whose middle and high school teachers didn't show them how to craft some basic […]

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